Touchwood Furniture is a Durban based manufacturer and supplier of high quality office furniture.

Our family’s business is routed deeply in the industry as we have been manufacturing furniture since 1927.

Since the conception of our company around 90 years ago, we set out to continuously better ourselves in all that we do, while concentrating on the quality of the work we produce, opposed to the number of units we could sell. The reason for this is of course equity and it is the reason that we are still proudly thriving in the stressful market which has come with the 21st century.

Our drive comes from perfection. Pavan Rampersad who is in charge of the complete management of the company, is without a doubt one of the most patient, dedicated and observant members of our staff. His keen eyes save us from failure while his patient demeanour allows us to get things done right the first time around and pays homage to our measure twice, cut once policy.

The customer is king and we are well aware of that at Touchwood Furniture. While we are a manufacturer of office furniture, the clients we sell to are businesses who wish to carry our products. These companies will often purchase multiple units from us, keep an inventory of products, as well as have a storefront for all their clients.

We offer quality furniture at economical prices. It is a standard we have insisted on over the years and it this strategy has done us proud thus far.

From Desks to Filing Solutions, Touchwood has everything you’ll need to kit out your new offices. We are now a BEE compliant company and further comply with the industry standards.

Thank you so much for visiting our website! We are so glad that you stopped by and had the chance check out all that we do.