How To Enquire

Make Furnishing Your Office Easy with the Touch Wood Enquiry Process. If you haven’t already realised it, Touch Wood furniture allows for the customisation of all of our catalogued office furniture. What this means for you as the client is that we can provide you with a lot more versatility to suite the space within which you are working.

Starting the process behind this customisation is simple.

  1. Click your way through our catalogue style website which provides you with all the products we have available.
  2. Each of these products has its very own “add to Enquiry” button which will allow you to make your selection of individual products and add them to a concise list which you may review at the end of this process.
  3. Once you have added all the products to your Enquiry List, you will have the option to view this list from any of our websites pages. This option can be found at the top right-hand corner of every page with an indicator (which displays a number) of the number of products you have on said list. By clicking this button you will be directed to the page which displays your list in its entirety.
  4. Now that you have clicked this button and have begun to review the products you would like an Enquiry on, ensure that the number of each of these products is correct. You may edit the number of each product desired by simply changing the number next to each product. Should you wish to remove any of these products from this list. Simple click on the “X” located on the left-hand side of each of these products.
  5. Now that you have checked and updated your Enquiry list, Click the “Submit” button at the bottom of this list which will take you to the next step of the submission process.
  6. This step of the process is where the magic happens. You simply have to enter in your contact details, as well as your email address which provides us with the necessary information to contact you. Lastly, you will notice a “Notes & Specifications” text box. Within this section of the submission, you may enter in all your custom specialisations for the products you have added to your Enquiry list. These specifications may include custom measurements etc. which will aid our team in providing you with the most accurate Enquiry possible.
  7. Now that you have completed the Enquiry process all that is required is your submission. You will find the “Submit for Enquiry” button at the bottom of this page.
  8. Now that you have submitted your Enquiry list, you will be emailed a copy of this information.
  9. Your request will be reviewed by our team and you should receive a contact back from them either telephonically OR via email to confirm the details of your Enquiry.
  10. Once your Enquiry has been finalised, you will be emailed a formal document with the attached formal Enquiry, for you to brows. Contact Touch Wood for further details on the acceptance of your Enquiry, to begin the payment and build process.

Thanks for checking out our website, we hope you’ve enjoyed it and that we have made your experience a pleasant one.

Kind Regards
The Touch Wood Team